Practice Tools

The Practice Tools section brings together information about specific practice topics into one central location.

Topics are listed below in alphabetical order and offer quick access to relevant policies, guidelines, fact sheets, articles and FAQs.

For information on injection training requirements, registering injection training, and participating in the Universal Influenza Immunization Program (UIIP).
For information and resources on engaging in appropriate patient communication and education.
For standards and resources on pharmacy compounding.
For information and resources on decision making in everyday practice.
For resources for Designated Managers including procurement and inventory management, supervision, signage and distributing samples.
For guidelines and resources on documentation, records, and information disclosure and disposal requirements.
For information about DPPs including the notification form and inspection criteria.
For infection control guidelines for pharmacists and other regulated health professionals.
For information about working with and providing the same or similar services as other regulated health professionals.
For the information on dispensing methadone or buprenorphine
For information on destruction, purchasing, reconciliations and security of narcotics and identification of forgeries.
For information and resources related to opioids.
For information and resources on providing comprehensive patient assessments.
For information about maintaining appropriate relationships with patients, ending the pharmacist-patient relationship or releasing personal health information.
For information about pharmacy technicians scope of practice, standards of practice and how to integrate a pharmacy technician into the pharmacy's workflow.
For resources related to practice assessments, including the criteria.
For guidance around unique identifiers, labelling single entity drugs, multi-medication compliance aids, prescription transfers and out-of-country prescriptions.
For the policy on fees for professional pharmacy services and guidelines on dispensing components included in the usual and customary fee.
For information about operating internet sites and remote dispensing locations in Ontario.
For information and resources related to a pharmacist's scope of practice, including initiating, adapting and renewing prescriptions and administering a substance by injection or inhalation.
For information about opening and operating a pharmacy, required signage and tips on avoiding pharmacy break-ins.