Administering Injections

To administer injections, registrants must have completed an OCP-approved injection training course and registered their training with the College.

Pharmacists, pharmacy students and interns are permitted to administer vaccines to any patient five (5) years or older for 13 vaccine preventable diseases specified in Schedule 3 of the regulations. Additionally, they may administer substances specified in schedule 1 for the purposes of patient education and demonstration only.

Publicly-funded influenza vaccine may be administered by an injection-trained pharmacy professional (pharmacist, pharmacy student, pharmacy technician and intern) to any patient two (2) years or older in accordance with Ontario’s Universal Influenza Immunization Program (UIIP).

Since the authority to administer influenza vaccine is contingent upon participation in the UIIP, if any of the Ministry’s requirements cannot be met, or in any other set of circumstances, registrants would require delegation of authority to administer influenza vaccine by injection.