Relocating an Inpatient Hospital Pharmacy Primary Location

Relocating an existing hospital pharmacy to a new address is equivalent to opening a new hospital pharmacy and requires the issuance of a new certificate of accreditation.

Step 1: Submit an Application for a Certificate of Accreditation as a Hospital Pharmacy

A complete application must be submitted to the College at least 6 months prior to the proposed opening date of the new hospital pharmacy and include:

  1. Application for Certificate of Accreditation as a Hospital Pharmacy
  2. Application fee

Applications may be submitted by email to, faxed to 416-847-8399 or mailed to the Ontario College of Pharmacists to the attention of Pharmacy Applications & Renewals at 483 Huron St, Toronto, ON M5R 2R4.

Step 2: Scheduling an Assessment

Once an application has been processed, a College Hospital Operations Advisor will connect with the Hospital’s Designated Contact to determine if the services provided by the hospital require an assessment prior to the proposed opening date. For new hospital pharmacies offering sterile compounding services (hazardous and/or non-hazardous), an onsite pre-opening assessment is required.

Step 3: The New-Opening Assessment

Prior to the College assessment, it is recommended for the hospital designated contact to conduct an interdisciplinary self-assessment using the following documents:

  1. Operational assessment criteria for Hospital Pharmacies
  2. Non-sterile compounding assessment criteria
  3. Hazardous sterile preparation assessment criteria
  4. Non-hazardous sterile preparation assessment criteria

For more information on the assessment process, please review Pharmacy Operational Assessment Process webpage.

Once a Hospital Operations Advisor has completed their assessment and is satisfied that the operation is safe and the public is protected, the hospital pharmacy can then be activated and have a profile on the College’s Find a Pharmacy or Pharmacy Professional tool.

Step 4: The Routine Assessment

A Hospital Operations Advisor will conduct a routine assessment 6 – 12 months following the opening to ensure that the operation is safe and the public is protected.

If you have any questions about the accreditation process, send an email to or call 416-962-4861 ext. 3600