Apply for the Exam

Important Notices Regarding the Jurisprudence Exam

1. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Prometric testing centres open and operate in compliance with public health orders. Please see Prometric’s list of test centre closures. If a candidate’s testing appointment is impacted, Prometric will notify them to cancel or reschedule their exam. If time and capacity permit, the candidate may be able to switch to the remote testing format.

Candidates must meet the test centre’s COVID-19 screening criteria to be able to enter the test centre building.

2. With the upcoming changes to the College’s registration and quality assurance regulations, only candidates who have fully completed their education requirements (i.e., graduated from an approved pharmacy program or required bridging education program) are eligible to take the exam. Once these regulations are approved, the exam must be successfully completed within the two years prior to submitting a final application to register as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician.

Eligibility to Take the Exam

To be eligible to take the Jurisprudence Exam, candidates must have:

  • Graduated from a CCAPP-accredited pharmacy education program;
  • Graduated from an ACPE-accredited pharmacy degree program;
  • Graduated from a PEBC-recognized pharmacy education program and successfully completed either:
    • All required bridging education, or
    • Parts 1 and 2 of the relevant PEBC Qualifying Exam on their first attempt of each; or
  • Submitted a letter of current good standing if already licensed as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician in another Canadian province

Candidates should check the relevant pharmacist or pharmacy technician registration pathway to see when they are eligible to take the exam.

Apply for the Exam

To apply for the Jurisprudence Exam, candidates must have either:

  • Opened a file with the College (including submitting all required supporting documentation, identification and initial application fee), or
  • Enrolled in the Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada and selected Ontario as their provincial regulatory authority

Candidates should check the relevant pharmacist or pharmacy technician registration pathway to see how to create their OCP account.

Candidates who are eligible to take the exam can access the application in their online profile.

The exam application is a two-step process:

  1. Submit application to the College. Once the application is approved, the candidate will be sent an email with the Jurisprudence Eligibility Number.
  2. Schedule an exam appointment (location and time) with Prometric as soon as possible as seats are limited. Note: The Prometric website is compatible with browsers like Chrome and Firefox, but not Explorer.

Candidates should review the other Jurisprudence Exam pages and the Rules of Conduct well before the day of the exam.

Exam Fees

The fee to take the examination is $126 + HST (payable to OCP).

Late applications may be accepted after the exam deadline only if there are spaces still available. A late payment fee of $63.00 (+HST) applies.

Once the exam has been scheduled, there is a $50 administrative fee (payable to Prometric) for any rescheduling changes (i.e. time and location) to the exam appointment.

Exam Dates

The upcoming 2021 exam date and deadlines are:

  • October 12, 2021 (application closed)
    • Initial application deadline September 12, 2021
    • Late applications may be accepted until October 1, 2021 only if there are spaces still available (at capacity)

Candidates should submit their application as early as possible as there will be limited seats, and COVID-19 physical distancing requirements may affect spacing and capacity at the testing centres.

The 2022 exam dates to be confirmed soon:

  • February 2022
  • June 2022
  • October 2022
Exam Locations

The exam is offered in select Prometric testing centres across Canada, and online by remote proctor (see Exam Format below).

Testing centres are located in:

Ontario – Hamilton, London, Mississauga, Ottawa, North York, Toronto (downtown)
Quebec – Quebec City, Montreal (Pointe-Claire)
Western Provinces – Calgary, AB; Edmonton, AB; Regina, SK; Saskatoon, SK; Vancouver, BC; Winnipeg, MB
Eastern Provinces – Dartmouth, NS; St. John’s, NL

Exam Delivery

The Jurisprudence Exam is a computer-based test administered by Prometric, and offered onsite in testing centres or online by remote proctoring. The content of and testing platforms for the two exam options are consistent.

Technology Requirements for Online Testing Delivery Option

Candidates who are considering taking the Jurisprudence exam as a remotely proctored exam should run a system readiness check to determine if their computer system is compatible to install the ProProctor application.

Candidates who choose the remotely proctored delivery option of the exam are responsible for ensuring their computer system meets the following technology requirements:

  • Computer, Software and Operating System (OS): Laptop or desktop computer and monitor that can support 1920×1080 screen resolution with a webcam (640x480p resolution), microphone enabled, download speed of 500Kpbs or higher, with Windows 8.1 or higher or for Mac OS 10.13 or higher operating requirements. Note: the exam does not have a mobile or tablet version; dual-monitor configurations are not permitted.
  • Browser: Recent version of Google Chrome
  • Internet connection: Hard wired internet connection is ideal as Wi-Fi sources can interrupt the examination. Tethering is not supported. Dedicated usage of the internet bandwidth for the duration the exam as other streaming (e.g., Netflix, YouTube) can limit the bandwidth and interrupt or lag the downloading of the virtual exam paper and resources.
  • Power Source: Desktop or laptop is ideally connected to the power source to prevent any power disconnection for approximately 3 hours seat time for a 2.5 hour examination.
Testing Environment Requirements for Online Testing Delivery Option

Candidates who choose the remotely proctored delivery option of the exam are responsible for ensuring their testing environment is and remains comfortable, quiet and free of distractions during the scheduled seat time (i.e., approximately 3 hours for a 2.5 hour examination). This may include but is not limited to having:

  • A cleared desk or tabletop
  • A comfortable chair
  • Adequate lighting
  • A comfortable room temperature
  • Limited noise from outside of the examination room (e.g., no construction, TV, conversation, music) that would interfere with their ability to take the examination or the ability of the proctor to monitor the examination

For more information, please review ProProctor candidate information.


The exam is offered in both English and French. To take the exam in French, candidates must submit a request at the time of application. Candidates who request to take the exam in French will receive the French translation of the exam, as well as the OCP Prescription Regulation Summary Chart in French. The NAPRA Drug Schedules document is available only in English.

Testing Accommodations

If a candidate requires testing accommodations, they must submit a request as part of their examination application. The Guidelines for Testing Accommodations outlines the supporting documentation that is required. Requests and documentation must be submitted to at least 45 days before the exam to allow time for follow up and confirmation of any approved accommodations.

A request for testing accommodations is not required for these personal items.

Exam Withdrawal

Candidates who wish to withdraw from an upcoming exam must submit a request in writing to

The following timelines and fees will apply:

  • Withdrawal request received less than 30 days before the exam date
    • No refund of Exam Application fee
    • If the candidate provides satisfactory evidence that the late withdrawal was due to illness, bereavement or compassionate circumstances, the Jurisprudence Exam withdrawal fee will be charged; the balance of the Exam Application fee will be refunded. The evidence supporting the late withdrawal request must be submitted as soon as possible. Such withdrawal requests will be considered on a case by case basis.

College Contact:

If you are unable to access the online jurisprudence application form or the online registration system, email