College publishes first standardized regulator performance measurement tool

Posted:Mar 31st, 2021
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The Ontario College of Pharmacists is pleased to publish its first report using the College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF), a standardized annual reporting tool introduced by the Ministry of Health this year to share information about the performance of all health regulatory colleges in the province in order to strengthen accountability and promote continuous system improvement. You can find our submitted CPMF reports on our website under “About the College>Performance and Accountability”.

The CPMF reports on college performance in a number of domains, from governance and system partnerships, to policy, registration, quality assurance and complaints processes. This new reporting framework will ultimately encourage a better understanding of the activities of all health regulatory colleges in the province and promote improvement at a system level. Colleges will complete this report annually, noting any progress on areas identified for improvement or adding new or updated information required by the Ministry, which will post a summary of submitted CPMF reports online.

The College is pleased to have been amongst a group of regulators actively engaged in the development of the CPMF, which reinforces the College’s approach to fulfilling its mandate through the collection, analysis and transparent reporting of data and information to continually improve patient outcomes and our performance as an accountable health regulator. The College has also modified its Board Scorecard, starting in 2021, to mirror the CPMF reporting domains in order to further demonstrate and reinforce continued alignment with the Ministry’s expectations and the College’s commitment to transparency, public accountability and performance improvement.