Latest College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF) Published

Posted:Apr 11th, 2022
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2021 report and submission to the Ministry demonstrates OCP’s performance against system-wide standards

The Ontario College of Pharmacists is pleased to publish its 2021 College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF) report. This year’s report, which has also been submitted to the Ministry of Health, continues to demonstrate the College’s performance against system-wide standards developed by the Ministry in consultation with provincial health professional regulators.

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The CPMF is a standardized annual reporting tool which was introduced by the Ministry of Health in 2021. Its purpose is to share information about the performance of all health regulatory colleges in the province in order to strengthen accountability and promote continuous system improvement, providing the public with information to help assess how well colleges are performing against their mandates to act in the public interest.

Ontario’s 26 health regulatory colleges are required to complete and submit annual CPMF reports to the Ministry and publish these on their respective websites. Colleges submit their responses and provide evidence to demonstrate their performance against various standards within each of the seven reporting domains: Governance, Resources, System Partnerships, Information Management, Regulatory Policies, Suitability to Practice and Measurement, Reporting and Improvement. Within each of the domains, colleges must report on their performance and compliance with standards, identify areas for improvement and report on their progress.

The College was pleased to have been involved as a collaborative partner with the Ministry and several other colleges as it was being developed. The CPMF aligns with the College’s commitment to transparency and accountability and focus on performance reporting. In 2021, in line with the publication of the inaugural CPMF report, the College revised its own publicly-reported Performance Scorecard – which was first introduced in 2018 – to further align with the seven reporting domains within the CPMF.

Did you know?

Following receipt of the annual CPMF submissions, the Ministry compiles the results, compares practices, and if applicable, formulates new standards and shares best practices to enhance service quality. Last year’s reports are now published on the Ministry website along with a set of commendable practices, including those from OCP.

See the 2020 summary report and commendable practices on the Ministry’s website

In the College’s 2021 CPMF submission, 42 of the 52 requirements have been met, four have been partially met and four have not been met. For the standards reported as partially met and not met, the College has developed a plan for improvement and already incorporated those as priorities in its 2022 operational plan. In two other instances where the articulated standard has not been met, the College has demonstrated alternative approaches that it feels satisfies the intentions of those stated standards.