Attn: Methadone Dispensing Pharmacies – Important OCP and OPDP Policy Revisions

Posted:Jun 24th, 2014
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At their meeting on June 16, 2014, College Council approved a revised Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) and Dispensing Policy that outlines a number of changes for the appropriate dispensing of methadone maintenance treatment for opioid addiction and pain to all patients — not just those eligible for reimbursement by the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) Program.

Key changes include:

  • A reminder to pharmacists that it is not permissible to compound a commercially available product, as per Health Canada Policy on Manufacturing and Compounding Drug Products in Canada (POL-0051)
  • Specifics relating to the requirement that methadone doses be accurately measured using a device that is able to deliver 0.1mL increments
  • An updated appendix on Methadone Dispensing For Pain Management

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care announced an update to the Methadone Maintenance Treatment Reimbursement Policy (OPDP Notice No. 14054) on June 20, 2014. Under the ODB Program, the revised policy outlines changes in reimbursement of MMT given the addition of Methadose (methadone) 10mg/mL oral solution as a formulary benefit.

  • Effective June 26, 2014 Methadose (methadone) 10mg/mL oral solution will be listed on the ODB Formulary as a General Benefit for MMT for addiction
  • Methadone extemporaneous compounded solution for MMT will no longer be an ODB benefit on September 1, 2014.

The timelines outlined above allow for a two month transition period.

The College expects that all members engaged in dispensing methadone will have familiarized themselves with both the OCP and OPDP revised policies prior to September 1, 2014.

Further information on the OPDP policy — including provider agreements, claim submission requirements, and reimbursement details are available on the Ministry’s website. Of special interest is the Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists.