New Legislation to Authorize OCP Oversight of Hospital Pharmacies

Posted:Oct 10th, 2013
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Government introduces new legislation

Earlier today the Ontario government announced the introduction of proposed legislation that would allow the Ontario College of Pharmacists to inspect and license hospital pharmacies in Ontario. This legislation responds to one of the recommendations made by Dr. Jake Thiessen after his investigation into the incident of under-dosing of chemotherapy medication.

The College is in full support of the legislative changes to the Drug and Pharmacies Regulation Act (DPRA) and has already taken some initial steps such as recruiting for staffing expertise and initiating some stakeholder dialogue. Should the proposed legislation be passed there are many more details to be worked through including the crafting of new regulations that will establish the requirements and standards for licensing and inspection of hospital pharmacies in the province.

“Expanding the oversight and inspection authority of the College of Pharmacists to include hospital pharmacies will help ensure the drug supply is monitored and inspected more closely, with the same rigorous standards across the province,” said College Registrar, Marshall Moleschi.

For more details about the Enhancing Patient Care and Pharmacy Safety Act read the Ministry’s press release and backgrounder.