Recruitment for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory group

Posted:May 12th, 2022
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The College is expanding on its existing commitment to cultivate Indigenous Cultural Competency to promote a broader understanding of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and how it can help support a better health system. Recognizing its role as the provincial pharmacy regulator and the role that pharmacy professionals can play in addressing healthcare disparities, the College is looking to work with the profession, stakeholders and other health system partners to help drive positive change to support the delivery of more equitable healthcare in Ontario.

To support this work, the College is seeking to recruit five (5) pharmacists, three (3) pharmacy technicians and two (2) members of the public to join the College’s Pharmacy Regulation and Practice EDI Advisory Group (EDI Advisory Group). The group will contribute towards the College’s EDI initiatives and strategies by identifying areas of focus for the profession and providing feedback and support for planned EDI initiatives. The College is seeking interested registrants and members of the public who:

  • Have a preliminary understanding of EDI principles and are interested in supporting EDI in regulatory functions and pharmacy practice.
  • Have lived/living experiences and a passion to inform the development of strategic recommendations and continued EDI work including data collection methods, prioritization of areas of focus and review and interpretation of shared materials.
  • Registrants who have worked in a hospital, community or any other pharmacy setting for at least two of the past five years.
  • Members of the public who have received pharmacy care in the past two years.

The participants are expected to meet 4-5 times between June 2022 and March 2023. To express your interest in being a part of the EDI Advisory Group, please complete the application survey by May 29, 2022.