Jurisprudence Examination Re-Scoring

First approved: October 2011

Revised: November 2016

Reviewed: November 2019

The Jurisprudence Examination is offered in a multiple choice format whereby a candidate records his or her answers in pencil by filling in bubbles on a machine-readable answer sheet provided by the College which is computer scanned to determine a candidate’s exam score. Extraneous markings on the machine-readable answer sheet, omissions or coding issues may result in an error in the tabulation of the total score. This policy outlines how College staff manages requests for re-scoring.


A Jurisprudence Exam candidate who is unsuccessful on the Examination may request a re-scoring of the examination answer sheet to confirm the exam score. Such requests do not apply to the content or methodology of the examination.


The candidate must complete the Request for Re-Scoring of Answer Sheet form provided to candidates upon their request, and submit it with the appropriate fee within 30 days of the release of the examination results. An external psychometrician consultant will review the answer sheet to detect any markings or erasures that may have caused coding issues. A report of the psychometrician’s findings will be provided to the College, and to the candidate.

Decision criteria

A re-scoring request will be granted if the request was:

  1. Documented on the designated form;
  2. Received by the deadline and
  3. Accompanied by the required fee.
Possible outcomes

Total Score Adjusted

If extraneous markings, omissions or coding issues are detected and resulted in an error in the tabulation of the total score, the candidate’s total score will be adjusted. The re-scoring fee will be refunded to the candidate.

No Adjustment to Total Score

If no extraneous markings, omissions or coding issues are detected and the total score is confirmed as correct, the candidate’s total score on the Examination will stand.