College launches Community Practice Environment Initiative

Posted:Feb 28th, 2020
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The College is launching a Community Practice Environment Initiative that will involve the active collaboration and participation of community pharmacy stakeholders in identifying opportunities to strengthen shared accountability in the delivery of safe and high-quality patient care.

The initiative is in response to the growing feedback shared by registrants regarding professional autonomy and the impacts of an increasingly challenging community practice environment on patient care. This feedback, along with the preliminary medication safety data anonymously reported through the Assurance and Improvement in Medication Safety (AIMS) Program published this past fall, confirms the need to better understand barriers and identify opportunities to strengthen the delivery of safe and high-quality patient care in community pharmacy through thoughtful, respectful and meaningful collaboration and engagement with all pharmacy stakeholders.

The first phase of this initiative will focus on developing a set of essential shared accountability principles. It is expected that these principles will guide the development of specific solutions and strategies for the sector to support the delivery of quality and safety of pharmacy care and help position the profession for ongoing success as pharmacy plays an increasingly important role in the health and wellbeing of Ontarians.

Registrant and stakeholder input is important – How you can be involved

To move this work forward, the College has initiated preliminary stakeholder communication and begun the work to formally establish a Community Practice Environment Advisory Group that will comprise appointed community pharmacy owner/operator and association representatives and recruited Designated Managers, staff pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and patients.

The College is currently recruiting for three pharmacists, two pharmacy technicians and two patient advisors to serve as members of the Advisory Group alongside appointed members. Anyone can apply for these positions and selection criteria is available online. To apply, please visit the Practice Environment Advisory Group page on the website and submit your application no later than March 13, 2020.

Establishing an Advisory Group is only the first step in the Community Practice Environment Initiative. The College is developing a comprehensive engagement plan that will involve opportunities for the broader registrant and pharmacy community, as well as pharmacy patients, to provide input into the Advisory Group and feedback throughout this initiative.

Please watch for these opportunities and instructions on how you can contribute.

Apply as a Pharmacy Professional Member

Apple as a Patient/Caregiver Member

Community Practice Environment Key Initiative Page