Overview Videos

A short video developed for members of the public to help clarify the role of the Ontario College of Pharmacists. The video emphasizes our mandate to serve and protect the public’s interest by holding pharmacists and pharmacy technicians accountable for the safe, effective and ethical delivery of pharmacy services.

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Key Messages from the College

This is the full video of College CEO and Registrar, Marshall Moleschi’s presentation, “Moving the Mountain.” In this presentation, Marshall discusses the evolution of pharmacy practice and the need for practitioners and the College to adapt as a result. He discusses challenges the field is facing and outlines the current expectations of practitioners. Finally, he outlines the shift the College is making to support pharmacy professionals, through coaching and mentoring, to enhance adherence to standards (“Moving the Mountain”) and ultimately optimize health outcomes for patients.

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Practice Tools

Pharmacy technicians are integral members of the pharmacy team that are responsible and accountable for their own scope of practice. In this video, you’ll learn ways to integrate these highly trained professionals into the workflow of a community pharmacy. When effectively integrated and working to their full scope pharmacy technicians can free up more time for pharmacists to focus on the delivery clinical services.

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Quality Assurance Program Resources

The above video explores what OCP’s Practice Review was designed for, how the random selection process works, and the right mindset to adopt going into the Practice Review.

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Governance of Healthcare Professionals

This video is part one of a 21 part video series on self regulation. The goal of this video series is to ensure that those involved in the administration of the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) understand the regulatory regime, recognize their role and functions, and appreciate their duties and obligations. Participating in the regulation of a profession in order to protect the public of Ontario is both an exciting and a serious responsibility. Video topics include: Confidentiality, External Communications, Strategic Planning, Risk Management, Making Regulations, By-laws, Standards and Guidelines, and Roles and Responsibilities (of Council, Committees, Registrar, and Staff).

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