Purchasing a Pharmacy

Acquiring an existing pharmacy in Ontario is equivalent to opening a new pharmacy and requires issuance of a new certificate of accreditation. To be accredited, the applicant(s) and the new pharmacy must meet all of the criteria set out in the Drug and Pharmacies Regulation Act (DPRA) and its regulations.

The College has proposed new by-law changes which include proposed changes to all College fees, including those associated with pharmacy applications. If approved, the changes will come into effect on January 1st, 2019 and will affect any application (regardless of submission date) with a proposed opening/transaction date in 2019. Please be aware that applications submitted in 2018 may need to submit additional fees should the proposed by-law changes be approved.

Step 1: Submit an Application for Certificate of Accreditation as a Pharmacy

A complete application must be submitted to the College at least 30 days prior to the proposed opening date of the new pharmacy and includes:

  1. Application for Certificate of Accreditation as a Pharmacy
  2. Application fee of $847.50 (incl. HST) – additional fees are required if the pharmacy will operate a NEW Remote Dispensing Location (RDL) or a NEW Lock and Leave
  3. A Director of a Corporation Declaration of Good Character for every pharmacist director of the operating corporation
  4. A Pharmacy Self Assessment
  5. A copy of the articles of incorporation for the operating corporation (only required if the corporation has never operated a pharmacy in Ontario)
  6. A copy of the share certificates issued for the operating corporation (only required if the corporation has never operated a pharmacy in Ontario)
  7. A signed copy of the Data License Agreement (“DLA”) (a copy of the DLA can be downloaded from your OCP member account under the “DLA” tab)
  8. A pharmacy floor plan for OCP approval providing the following details:
    • Total square footage of area to be accredited - if the pharmacy is part of a larger area, clearly delineate the pharmacy portion and identify how the accredited area is kept secure/physically separate from the non-accredited area
    • Total square footage of dispensary
    • Location of required two sinks in the dispensary
    • Location of acoustically private consultation area

Applications may be submitted by email to pharmacyapplications@ocpinfo.com, faxed to 416-847-8399 or mailed to the College to the attention of Pharmacy Applications & Renewals at 483 Huron St, Toronto, ON M5R 2R4.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The College evaluates each person who is an applicant based on the criteria set out in Part III of the Regulations under the Drug and Pharmacies Regulation Act including an assessment to determine if past and present conduct of the proposed owner(s) affords reasonable grounds for the belief that the pharmacy will be operated with decency, honesty and integrity and in accordance with the law. The College will take whatever time is necessary to complete this assessment. Application processing time varies and a pharmacy’s proposed date of opening is subject to change.

Step 2: Approval of application

Once an application is approved, the College will send notification to Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) confirming the acquisition, the owner of the new pharmacy, the new pharmacy’s accreditation number and proposed opening date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ODB is not open on weekends. All new openings must occur on a weekday.

Step 3: Opening Day

On opening day, the College will contact the Director Liaison or the Designated Manager of the pharmacy to confirm that the acquisition was completed and the new pharmacy is open to the public.

Once confirmed, the pharmacy will be activated and have a profile on the College’s Find a Pharmacy or Pharmacy Professional tool. A certificate of accreditation will be sent by email to the Designated Manager of the pharmacy – display of the certificate in the pharmacy is optional.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The College will not activate the new pharmacy and the new pharmacy will not be permitted to bill third parties without confirmation.

Step 4: The Inspection

A community practice advisor will conduct an inspection of the pharmacy 3-6 months following the opening to ensure that the operation is safe and the public is protected. For more information on the inspection process, please review the Protecting the Public section of our website.

If you have any questions about the accreditation process send an email to pharmacyapplications@ocpinfo.com or call 416-962-4861 ext. 3600