Information About Coaching Pharmacists for PACE Candidates

What is a coaching pharmacist?

A coaching pharmacist is someone who will guide your development and address the areas for improvement identified during your PACE assessment.

How do I work with my coaching pharmacist?

You should implement your learning action plan and prepare for another PACE attempt. Your development will be self-directed under their supervision.

How do I find a coaching pharmacist?

You choose your own coaching pharmacist. The coaching pharmacist you choose should be someone you believe genuinely wants to help you succeed in preparing for your next PACE attempt. You are required to update your practice site in your OCP account as you will be providing patient care during your development.

Can my PACE assessor be my coaching pharmacist?

Yes, if your assessor is willing and able to do so. However, your PACE reassessment will be under the direct supervision of a new assessor.

What should I look for in a coaching pharmacist?

You should consider someone who meets the following characteristics:

  • Provides pharmaceutical care to patients on a regular basis (i.e., identifying drug therapy problems, creating therapeutic plans, monitoring and following-up with patients)
  • Is proficient in their ability to provide feedback and guidance
  • Is in good standing with OCP with no terms conditions or limitations on their certificate of registration (see OCP’s Public Register for this information)
  • Demonstrates professionalism
  • Models effective communication with patients, colleagues, and other health care professionals
  • Is aware of and up to date on developments in practice
  • Supports and understands the PACE model
  • Promotes patient-centred care
  • Has teaching or preceptor experience (optional)

What should I look for in the practice site of my coaching pharmacist?

  • You should consider a site that meets the following characteristics:
  • Promotes patient-centred care
  • Provides sufficient practice opportunities to meet your learning action plan goals and address your competency gaps (e.g., opportunities for Medchecks, suitably high script count, variety of patients)
  • Is a positive environment with sufficient staffing conducive to teaching and learning
  • Has passed its recent pharmacy assessment and is entitled to operate in Ontario (see OCP’s Public Register for status and outcome of assessments since July 1, 2013)