Administering Injections

How can I protect myself and my patients from infection or disease while administering injections?

Protect yourself and your patients by following routine infection prevention and control practices and following personal protective measures. Examples would include wearing gloves and ensuring that needles and syringes are changed and appropriately discarded between each patient. For more, read through the resources available from the Public Health Agency for Canada.

Can a pharmacy intern or registered pharmacy student administer the influenza vaccine?

Please see the Administering Injections FAQ for Students/Interns.

Do I need additional insurance to administer injections?

No. All pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, students and interns are required to maintain personal professional liability insurance coverage. As long as the coverage complies with OCP by-laws and includes the professional services regulated by OCP, you do not need additional coverage to administer injections.

I obtained my injection training outside of Ontario — is this transferable and can I administer injections in Ontario?

To administer injections in Ontario, you must successfully complete an OCP-approved course. All OCP-approved courses have obtained CCCEP competency-mapped accreditation, which addresses the 15 competencies for pharmacist injection education, as approved by OCP Council. View a full listing of all CCCEP competency-mapped accredited courses.

Do I have to administer injections to remain in Part A of the College register?

No. You may choose whether or not to administer injections. However, all pharmacists who wish to administer injections must first successfully complete the required training and register their training with the College.